Exetal has humble beginnings as a family enterprise.  The products were so well received that we expanded rapidly, to the point where we are now sell exclusively to wholesalers/distributors.  Exetal enjoys an admirable reputation and enviable business practices.  We have a state of the art ordering and tracking system.  Our craftspeople are among the best in the world; they are all educated in the art of producing only the most exclusive adornments possible.

Exetal is wholly dedicated to providing what retailers need most - speed and efficiency. Our highly skilled and dedicated team of customer service representatives unfailingly meet our clients’ every need. They are more than happy to assist with queries and offer around the clock support.

Exetal’s distribution team consistently ships all orders within one working day. We leverage technology to ensure errors are avoided – and key team members are notified when a shipment is delayed to guarantee that every one of our clients’ orders are delivered on time. The feedback we receive from our clients is extraordinarily positive, with Exetal’s customer service frequently used as a standard. Our unwavering dedication to service, speed, and efficiency makes Exetal one of the industry’s most highly regarded suppliers of fine gold and silver jewellery.

Please peruse our catalogue and feel free to contact us with any queries you may have.